So, how did it begin?

Well, it technically started over 10 years ago in my bedroom. I was studying at college at the time and naturally wanted to make some additional money. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a part time job as I did not have any work experience. Catch 22 right?

I was after a Collectors Edition item which was retailing for £100. I really wanted the item but it was out of stock at all retailers. I searched high and low and eventually found the item on eBay being sold for £250 on the secondary market. A massive £150 margin!


Then came the lightbulb moment! I could be reselling similar items for identical margins, if not more. I begun the journey and was making more money than I would have in a part time job with the added benefit of working from home. It was a win win situation.

In 2017, I started my first business venture which focused on reselling items such as sneakers, streetwear, toys, collectibles and miscellaneous items for the US market. I provided the intel, experience and provided restock monitors for over 300 paid members within the Discord platform. To this day, that company Is still going strong and growing past my expectations!


In 2020, I struck another lightbulb moment, this time with a good friend of mine who is also a veteran reseller; reselling Limited edition items, Yeezys, Supreme since 2004. I was eager to start a similar business to the US but for the UK market.


We both decided make a standalone iOS app providing our expertise, knowledge & experience and Resell Connect was born.

The rest is history…

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